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Gundalf is a light hearted Top-down Action Rpg/shooter, with some dungeon 
crawling elements.

Play as Gundalf, a young wizard with a gun, that's also a staff,  on a journey through time with magic, bullets,  and a wise cracking doggo in a wizard hat.
Watch out, it'll be pretty ruff.



Made by Team CIDARU
Isaac Aquino Men, Producer (imen@uci.edu)
Richard But, Programmer (butr@uci.edu)
Cris Agerton, Programmer (cagerton@uci.edu)
Dominic Langmesser, Designer (dlangmes@uci.edu)
Uyen Lam, Artist (uyentl@uci.edu)
Amanda Osterkamp, Artist (aosterka@uci.edu)

Special thanks to Alisa Khieu ( https://www.amatorous.com/ ), our composer.

3rd Party Assets


Gundalf.zip 28 MB


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Great game! I have played for quite a while, but it is so hard to survive - there will be more enemies spawned as time goes. And they spawned out of nowhere and I cannot anticipate. You should make Gundalf stronger to player gets more motivated in this endless battle. His second ability, the black hole does not do much right now, and should be buffed, as I was expecting something powerful that uses mana. I saw there are interesting ideas on time manipulation and background narrative. I encourage you to focus on your novel and unique ideas and build everything up and around them to make a difference. This is a great start. Keep it up!